You Can Have Martha Stewart’s Favorite Pastries Delivered to Your Door


Martha Stewart is a top-tier TV personality, but where she has truly excelled is as a brand. In the past couple of years alone, she’s launched a wine with 19 Crimes, announced a restaurant in Las Vegas, released a line of CBD products, and created a line of frozen foods.

Not enough Martha for you? Also, do you not feel like leaving the house to buy any of the above? Martha’s got you covered. This week, she’s announced another new partnership with the upmarket national delivery service Goldbelly that will bring an exclusive selection of her culinary creations right to your door.

Available now on a dedicated Martha Stewart section of Goldbelly’s site are 12 different options which, on launch at least, focus on baked goods. “I’m thrilled to partner with Goldbelly to bring my favorite baked cookies and pastries to their loyal customers,” Stewart stated. “Thoughtfully packaged in my signature Martha blue, these cookies are baked using some of my life-long favorite recipes and they make the perfect gifts for your loved ones or for yourself.”

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Make Valentine’s Day Extra Special with These Unique Gifts and Lovely Entertaining Essentials from Martha


Dessert, Delivered

When it comes to a Valentine’s Day dessert, make a bold impression with a berry torte that is as delicious as it is delightfully on-theme. While the dessert may look like an advanced bake, it is actually very simple thanks to the ingredients and steps being included in Marley Spoon’s meal delivery kit.

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How Martha Stewart celebrates Super Bowl Sunday


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For Martha Stewart, celebrating the holidays boils down to one thing: a plan, and this Super Bowl Sunday, it’s no different. This February 13, Martha plans to attend Super Bowl LVI in person at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California. Her good friend, Snoop Dogg, is among the performers slated for the halftime show, and she’s more than excited.

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“My friend Snoop is in the halftime [show with Eminem], and that will be very fun to watch,” says Martha. “I cannot believe we’re being treated to such an amazing halftime show.” She’s spent the last month catching up on all things football, but when it comes down to whom she plans to root for come Super Bowl Sunday, she remains undecided.

The one thing Martha is crystal clear about? You don’t have to attend the game to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday appropriately.

7 ways to host a foolproof Super Bowl Sunday, according to Martha Stewart

Celebrating Super Bowl Sunday from your home (or any home) can be equally, and at times, more exciting than attending the game if you prepare, and fortunately, there’s time to prepare. With a little over a week until the big game, Martha sat down with Reviewed to exclusively reveal a foolproof blueprint of everything you’ll need to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday. From big-screen TVs (a minimum of 65-inches!) to buffet-style stations, here are the seven essentials you’ll need.

  1. Start with a 65-inch smart TV from Samsung

“Don’t even think about hosting [Super Bowl Sunday] without a big TV,” Martha says. “No one wants to come to your house [without one]. It should be at least 65-inches and a smart TV; you’ll be really amazed at how inexpensive these giant TVs are right now. You can get a great 65-inch TV for around $500 right now.”

Enhance your Super Bowl Sunday experience with this 65-inch Samsung 4k UHD smart TV. Between the HDR technology and 4k UHD resolution, you’ll have the sharpest, most realistic-looking picture on the market.

Get the Samsung 65-inch Class 7 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Tizen TV from Samsung for $579.99

  1. Serve food by quarter with Martha Stewart Kitchen’s pre-made menu

Come Super Bowl Sunday, a foolproof way to execute your menu is by setting up your food stations with a buffet-style. Then, divide your menu up into quarters, serving fork foods exclusively.

“In the first quarter, plate appetizers [for guests], then in the second quarter, [serve] heavier appetizers,” says Martha. If you’re short on time, a pre-made appetizer like this Goat Cheese Hors D’Oeuvres is a savory solution; but if you have extra time on your hand, scoop up this cookbook and get cooking.

“In the third quarter, [the main dish] like macaroni and cheese; but nothing too messy because people are sitting around drinking and eating.”

  1. Serve Goldbelly’s pre-made desserts in the 4th quarter

Top off your Super Bowl Sunday menu by serving desserts in the 4th quarter. If you don’t want to make your own, check out Goldbelly, an online marketplace we tested and loved. Turns out, Martha’s a fan too—she just launched an exclusive collection you can shop ahead of the big game. Opt for Martha’s favorite cookies. This six-pack features Kitchen Sink, Extraordinary Chocolate Chip, and White Chocolate Pecan; all of her everyday go-to’s.

If you want to be a bit more creative with your desserts, Martha recommends making an ice cream sandwich of sorts with these cookies. “Put softened ice cream and chocolate chips in-between and then freeze them! [Then] keep them in the freezer for an instant dessert.” With 12 included in this pack, that sounds good to us!

  1. Invest in a wooden tray designed by Martha herself

For Martha, the second most important part of hosting Super Bowl Sunday is how you are serving the food. According to Martha, “It’s best to have it buffet style since people are coming [throughout the game]. Each person should have a tray and have it cafeteria-style; so you can have it on their laps,” and this one is a great idea.

The 218-square-inch surface is sizable enough to hold everything from appetizers to main courses, with extra room for drinks and desserts, too. While the wooden base provides durability, and the cut-out handles provide easy mobility from your serving stations back to the couch.

For those hosting larger celebrations, you might find you need more counter space for guests to eat, which in that case, Martha recommends “old-fashioned TV tables.” These quick and stylish side tables are effortless and convenient and provide extra counter space for guests to eat, while the pop-up design allows them to move on a whim.

  1. Have this sparkling water maker by SodaStream on hand

“You need to have plenty of sparkling water on hand, [so you] need a SodaStream,” and the Aqua Fizz is perfect for hosting larger groups. Featuring a sparkling water maker, carbonating cylinder, three 620ml glass carafes and lime drops, you’ll have everything you’ll need to make a handful of drinks.

“Drink the sparkling water over ice or add lemons and oranges,” either way, Martha says this non-alcoholic beverage will be delicious.

  1. Rely on an assortment of alcohol, from Kettle One to Martha’s signature chardonnay

An arsenal of drink selections is essential come Super Bowl Sunday, and fortunately, Martha has plenty of options. “You can have your favorite vodka or martini, or make a big pitcher of margaritas, [or better yet] Martha-ritas; that’s really fun!” All that’s required is a cocktail shaker set and your preferred vodka. Although, if that still doesn’t fit the bill, you can always opt for any variety of wine, especially Martha’s go-to choice

“[Try] Martha’s Chard—at least a case of it, served very, very chilled,” she says. Featuring bright citrus fruit notes and a distinctly sweet, oaky character, this savory-sweet selection will work for just about anyone.

  1. Invest in proper cookware (even a grill)

For your Super Bowl Sunday celebrations to go off without a hitch, it’s best to take stock ahead of time in your cookware and large appliances.

Martha says a good place to start is your grill. We recommend you invest in one of the best grills, like this Weber version. This Propane gas grill is built with the powerful GS4 grilling system and is perfect for whipping up a handful of meals.

This Super Bowl, try “grill[ing] up some wonderful hamburgers, on a brioche bun,” which Martha suggests. Turn to this 12-piece cookware set filled with pots, pans and even a Dutch oven to make sure every topping and side can be ready-to-eat in minutes, too.

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These 6 Mail-Order Food Companies Will Satisfy Any Craving


Halfway through last year, Goldbelly, a mail-order food website, announced that it had raised $100 million in new funding during the Covid-19 pandemic. That’s kind of a lot of money for a service that ships pizza, cookies, sandwiches, cakes, and way more nationwide, but for a nation that comforted (and continues to comfort) themselves with pizza, cookies, sandwiches, cakes, and way more, it’s not a huge surprise. When Covid hampered travel, at least you could “travel” somewhere by tasting the food of a regional restaurant.

Goldbelly isn’t alone—and it surely isn’t the first, with well-established restaurant brands expanding to include shipping their foods long before. That’s a great thing if you’re a hungry person looking to satisfy your cravings. There’s now a fleet of new mail-order food companies that ship pretty much anywhere and their stuff is actually delicious even though it arrives through the mail.

The only problem is that there are now almost too many of these companies, and with each one offering a variety of options, you can occasionally get lost in all their gustatory glory. So, to help narrow things down for you, here’s a list of the six best mail-order food companies, and then also the single best thing to order from each one.

That’s not to say that there aren’t also a truckload of other amazing options at each service. Just think of each recommendation as a great place to start.

Sammy ‘The Bull’ Gravano steps into the ring


Sammy Gravano was known in olden days as Sammy the Bull. Sammy the rat. Sammy the confirmed pig. And these were his nicer kindly pre-prison references.

When Gigante, Gambino, Genovese and Gotti roamed New York City’s earth, Sammy Gravano had a little habit. Killing people. He knocked off 19 that authorities know of.

In the ’90s, I reported Lynda Milito telling me he killed her husband Louie. Unmentioned was that, in turn, this Louie had previously done in Hoffa — but that’s another whole story.

News now is that Sammy who ratted out John Gotti is about to get — along with Audrey Hepburn, Dr. Ruth, Taylor Swift, Queen Elizabeth and me — his own documentary.

Tony Testa, from a family of mobsters but he’s now turned realty broker, sent a picture message to turncoat rodent Sammy. What precisely exactly this is supposed to signify, I don’t know and not my problem, but it was a red bloodlike stain in the snow plus a pigeon feather alongside. Tony Testa’s uncles, also notsuchgoodniks, were tied to the Gambinos and well knew Sammy.

If you can believe it, Tony’s relative Joey, now serving life in Terminal Island, California’s federal prison, is — despite his current housing arrangement — connected with a new film. Working title: “The Kennedys of Cosa Nostra.” A musical it’s not. It’s about the infamous Testa brothers and con Joey was one of the mouths that opened.

Realtor Tony Testa: “I spoke to Uncle Joey about Sammy ‘The Bull’ Gravano. My uncle’s doing life — like 30 years — but hasn’t said Word One. And won’t. Snitches like Sammy are gangsters up until they’re sentenced to 20 years. Then they don’t want to be gangsters anymore. Real gangsters do life.”

That yummy yummy

Goldbelly is a low-class name that does high-class high-price food. It’s a delivery catering service. Bagels, pizzas, cakes, barbecues, caviar — every food, every delicacy — from every state, prepared in every state, shipped to every state. You only need to be able to afford it. Newest gold in Goldbelly’s belly — and ready for your own golden belly — is Martha Stewart. Like crabgrass, the woman’s everywhere.

Now she’s inside your home. Your kitchen. Partnering with them she’ll ship pastries, cookies, croissants, Danish bigger than the country, Majestic Martha cookies, and stuff called Martha’s Kouign-Amann which in some language means expensive. Big dough for big dough. Eight crumpets, $79. A better buy than an 8 x 10 of Kamala and right in time for your Valentine.

See crystal clear

While those Oscars still look to nag anyone into hosting — they’ll even take Biden — the Critics’ Choice thing is percolating. March 13 following Lauren Bacall, Kevin Costner, Clint Eastwood, Eddie Murphy, it’s Billy Crystal getting a lifetime achievement award at their 27th annual whatever. Fairmont Century Plaza. It’s like a double feature. It airs live on CW and TBS. Also getting something called a “SeeHer Award” is Halle Berry. What exactly that is, I don’t know but she’s getting it.

New horizons

After 19 years Kevin Costner is creeping back into directing. His project “Horizon” is somehow reminiscent of his 1990 “Dances With Wolves” which danced away with seven Oscars. It films later this summer in Utah . . . From Michael Kors: “Everyone wants to look 35. Or at least the vision of around 35. Even stars near age 60 want to look 35. All have the same body, same clothes, same hair.”

From an East Coast labor official: “If you think the space program is expensive now — just wait until the astronauts union is formed and they start charging by the mile.”

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.